Release Candidate 1

Hi guys,

since I get more and more e-mail request when the new version will be released here is a brief update.

The good thing about successful trading is that in one moment you can suddenly have enough money to travel a lot and encounter the beauty of our planet Earth. The bad thing is: Less time for the release ^_^

But: Today I would like to give you the chance to test a release candidate.

It is available under

The new version is not compatible witht he old one. So you should finish the trades with the old version. Beside this: just download, double click on it and enter in your browser:

For the ones of you who don’t know what a release candidate is:

I am very happy about any feedback you can provide.

For the ones who are more comfortable with a final version and due to the mass of emails:

I think I can provide a final release to the 23d of September.

Thanks to all of you who provided input to make this version as good as it is today! I hope that crypto makes life also more comfortable for you in a financial way 🙂